It's easy to get started finding the Answers. Welcome to a new Art Q&A Website.

What its all about?

The idea is quite simple. Ask a question and get an answer, or answer questions to help another. Top Questions and Answers are also easy to find with little effort and the best Questions and Answers are chosen by you the user. Up or Down Vote an answer or question to ensure the best response is what people find.

Extra Features

Our website also will include in the future various social functions to keep you entertained in between finding out the best information available on Art and also includes a Point Reward System for those who help out others the most or display confidence and understanding of the topics or questions answered but we also desire to keep it simple and easy to navigate. Forums are also included to display WIP's SBS's and anything else you desire to add.

All About You

Once you are logged-in, a new User Menu will be visible. This User menu allows to you answer, comment or ask your own questions. The more you ask or answer the more the sites database will grow into a useful resource for all arts. We hope also a few pros can come along and answer your questions.but more so we hope the community simply helps each other...

All About Art

Our site is essentially Art focused and we will endeavour to grow to suit various Art forms and interests. Initially our main focuses currently are Drawing and Airbrushing. We want to build this site correctly so will focus on ensuring it represents our communities best interests before moving into other area's of potential interest and Q&A or there is a shown interest to include new area's. Also we are a child friendly site and feature our very own KIDS CORNER..Who wants to learn art the most...Children. So we have specifically created an area of the site that understands it may be a little one asking the question and hope there are still some young ones out there who enjoy learning about art.

We hope you enjoy the site and it becomes a useful resource that ensures you will come back to find out and learn more. To get started, simply Register and Ask your Question...

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